Mirror Croco
Brown leather alligator print mirror with nickel finish. Very modern and elegant ..
Ex Tax: £321.67
Mirror Moliere
Unusual French Mirror, very long, greyish colour, slightly distressed wood materials and glass ..
Ex Tax: £645.83
Mirror Solitaire L Hexagonal
Beautiful green/gold trimmed Hexagonal French Mirror, slightly distressed and beautifully finish in ..
Ex Tax: £458.33
Mirror Solitaire Oval
Beautiful French Green/grey Oval mirror of high quality and design, beautifull wood with painted fin..
Ex Tax: £458.33
St Louis Mirror
Beautiful stunning mirror, intricately carved with glass panel effect. Very french vintage style. ..
Ex Tax: £3,200.00
Trumeau St Germain
Beautiful off white, cream truman mirror, slightly distressed French Mirror. Large size. Mango wo..
Ex Tax: £791.67