Vases & Centre Pieces

Antique Silver Finish Vase Chateau
Now only one left in stock. Stunningly beautiful silver antique vase with beautiful scroll arms. ..
Ex Tax: £458.33
Vase Glamour silver Small
Vase Glamour, highly polished silver nickel finish looks lovely together with larger Glamo..
Ex Tax: £91.67
Vase Glamour X Large
Beautiful ceramic xtra large silver vase/ginger style pot. Very stylish Dia 40cm x H 67cm ..
Ex Tax: £220.00
Vase Nidi
Vase Nidi, unusual, stylish silver vase with mottled detailing. comes I'm 2 sizes small and large..
Ex Tax: £61.67
Vase Nidi H25
Modern unusual styling, silver with mottled effect. available in 2 sizes H19 D25 H25 D34 ..
Ex Tax: £121.67
Large Oriental Dragon Vase, simply stunning high polished nickel finish with beautiful dragon scroll..
Ex Tax: £201.67