Candles & Flowers

Beautiful Artificial Amaranthus Spray, H85cm, lovely bright red colour ..
Ex Tax: £13.98
Beautiful Amaranthus spray in natural cream, collect several pieces and make a stunning floral arran..
Ex Tax: £13.98
Amaryllis Bulb Standing
Amaryllis bulb standing h53cm,  ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Artificial Candle large x 2
Artificial Candle, will save you money time and time again, very effective. H 18cm ..
Ex Tax: £62.50
Artificial Candle x 2
Artificial candle, very effective H 12cm ..
Ex Tax: £53.00
Artificial Candles x 2 set XL
Amazing set of artificial candles, totally believable and look natural HH 21cm ..
Ex Tax: £73.33
Chantillie House black pomegranate candle
Luxury Black Pomegranate Candle, beautiful fragrance and beautifully packaged, silver horse logo lid..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Chantillie House Candle -White Cassis
Chantillie House own brand luxury candle. White Cassis beautiful and elegant aroma, beautifully pack..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Crystal Drop A2
Large crystal drop,  Add to beautiful floral arrangements ..
Ex Tax: £17.00
Beautiful coral pink colour add lots of colour to a large floral arrangement. 11 Flower Heads, on..
Ex Tax: £42.00
Dandelion Spray
Dandelion Spray large head, lovely natural linen and white colour. ..
Ex Tax: £41.25
Dandelion Spray Small
Dandelion Spray, Faux Flower small size. Lovely Linen and white colour. ..
Ex Tax: £18.13
Hydrangea W/Glitter
Beautiful winter glitter hydrangea H48, white ..
Ex Tax: £19.98
Ex Tax: £18.13
White Floral Arrangement
Stunning array of beautiful white orchids in white bowl. Absolutly realistic full floral arrangement..
Ex Tax: £600.00