Posted March 25, 2014 by Angela Le Baigue

Hello everyone,

Spring is suddenly upon us and I realised I have been busy head down looking at new fabrics and wallpapers for the coming season, unpacking boxes, pondering upon what I will try next and rearranging the shop. Not to mention already planning christmas, no joking!. It's spring and I suddenly need to feel a rush of colour. Normally I would be looking at yellow  or lime green but somehow this year I'm thinking orange, really citrus, clear, bright, funky and I'm not even tanned yet. Maybe it's because my colour crush has most definately been grey/taupe for such a long time now that I'm needing a colour burst of inspiration to liven things up.

My lovely in house cushions are lime, violet, turquoise which all look striking amongst the black and white of the showroom. I am already looking at the in house colours for 2015, but at the moment my favouite colour Radiant Orchid Pink is in fashion again so I can't wait to feature that colour in the shop and wear it at the same time.

Faux flowers are a big hit as they last forever and the colours now are so natural that you really have to be very close to tell. Over the next few months more will be arriving at Chantillie House but the nice yellow and fushcia pink ones are going down well, mix them up to get a real sping feel. This seasons new wallpapers are very flowery and the most stunning array of colour.

I have lots of new collections of wallpapers and fabrics coming in daily from Zoffany,Sanderson, chivasso, Brian Yates and a long time favourite Designers Guild who I think I just love their every season. So if anyone is serching for new ideas or samples come and visit the showroom or get in touch.

Enjoy spring.